Of all the projects I've done, ReGroove is the most ambitious.

I'm asking the key players in the record industry -- the Labels and Apple -- to consider remastering huge chunks of their catalog using some of these processes I've developed.

These technologies,   combined with the all-digitak listening experiences of of today's  young listeners, have made it imperative that we do everything we can to clean up these recordings for the future.

All the tracks presented here on this website were originally recorded on magnetic tape.   


Unfortunately, that master has rarely been used.  Instead, the copy made by the mastering engineer  has been the only one anyone has heard.  It was severely compromised in order to cut sound into a physical record groove.

Complicating that, record companies have taken the position that keeping the old transfers, compromised as they are, is the safest thing to do, despite the fact that we now have the technology to make it sound much better.

Most listeners today would say the versions being sold sound dated, dull, and  noisy.  

They don't have to.  They can sound as good as anything recorded today.

I truly hope you enjoy hearing these amazing cuts in a whole new way.

John Henry Wheeler has been an Emmy Award winning media engineer, software developer, inventor, and producer for more than 40 years.  He is creator of the Penteo Surround system for motion picture production and ReGroove.

A video technology engineer by day, John also works full time as a lead emgineer at KRON-TV in San Francisco.